We promise to deliver unmatched personal attention that's essential to exceed expectations and fulfill our company's mission.  You will not find another company as dedicated to ensure every encounter is positive and fun.  

In addition to providing efficient and high-quality school portraits, GoPhoto also provides the following:

  • Administrative + Yearbook CDs

  • Portrait Directories

  • Photo I.D. Cards

  • Color Portrait Strips (folder stickies)

  • Principal Albums

  • Complimentary Picture Package to all Staff

  • Monthly and Yearly Calendars for the Admin Staff

  • Student Achievement Certificates

  • Free Class Group Photos - Every student receives a free class group photo

  • Sports and Special Event Photography

  • Custom Designed Banners

  • Panoramic Group Photos (fundraising opportunity)

  • Graduation photography (fundraising opportunity)

  • Actions Sports Photography for Yearbook and the Athletic Program

  • Yearbooks

Special Services Include:

  • GoPhoto's Family Plan - Photos of the first two children are regular price. All photos for additional children from the same family are FREE

  • A portion of every Picture Day (Fall, Spring + Sports) goes back to the school to help their fundraising efforts

  • Turnaround time in 7 business days

  • No risk - 100% Money back guarantee

  • Peace of mind - all of our employees undergo Criminal Background Checks